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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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well. also the morning commute is looking good. if you are driving on highway 4 here in bay point, traffic is light. 4:95. back to the desk. the number of protesters ignoring the overnight curfew at oakland city hall is growing. several dozen are camped out after a tense late night appearance by the mayor of oakland. we are out there right now with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, good morning dave. you can't really tell from this angle right now, but the tents you see here, there are at least ten to 20 behind that one tent right there. a lot of people defying the 10:00 p.m. curfew. the movement may have not needed to gain momentum, but the gathering last night to think about scott olsen did energize those who attended and maybe the movement. they thought good thoughts
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about scott. he is recovering from a fractured skull. tuesday night, he was hit in the head by a projectile thrown from behind police lines during a protest on broadway. the mayor says the injuries and the national media coverage has actually injured oakland too. >> oakland is known for being a progressive city. i'm really saddened by what people think we are. we are clearly a city that has a lot of homeless people, a lot of unemployed people. >> reporter: now take a look at this, this is new video, some of the same people are now part of a growing number of people that are openingly defying the 10:00 p.m. curfew. from one tent yesterday morning to at least 20 this morning. a doctor says he is not speaking yet, but is responding to voices and moving. also his parents flew into town yesterday. much more on last night's
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reaction to the visit coming up here on the morning news. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. well the occupy oakland protest has become a national story. and oakland mayor is getting coast to coast criticism. liberal cable tv host is among those outraged with the mayor's role in this week's police raid. >> the mayor is left with two choices, dismiss the acting police chief jordan and use her powers to authorize occupy oakland to protest again without harassment. or having betrayed everything she supported and all those who supported her, she must resign. >> he blasted her wednesday night. and oakland's mayor will get more criticism from the left today. >> is this your city? is this how we treat free speech in the united states of america? >> will release this
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ad today. the group demanding the mayor take full responsibilitiability for what happened tuesday night. now we're asking you, our facebook users this morning what you think about the handling of of the protest. we're going to read some of your responses in the next hour. occupy protests in san francisco, they're still camped out in the plaza this morning. we're told that sometime tomorrow the mayor and lee will announce plans for the plaza. last night, the mayor met at city hall with several city sup visiers and protesters. they talked about the future of the encampment which was almost raided by police yesterday. the president of the board of supervisors described the meeting this way. >> what we're engaged in is a conversation to see how we can balance the public safety and public health issues that the city has to be concerned about with the first amendment rights
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of the protesters. >> in the meantime, police sources are saying that two police raids were planned yesterday at the plaza. and they were called off at the last minute. however, the police chief says what appeared to be staging was nothing more than training. oakland police are investigating a homicide. police responded to reports of gun fire at the intersection last night. they found a man on the sidewalk with at least one gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. now we don't know his name or age. and police have not yet released any suspect description or a motive the case yet. the defense secretary says he is following orders and billions of dollars are being cut from the defense budget. coming up, a live report from the washington, d.c. news room on how he says national security will be affected by
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those budget cuts. the energy secretary says he will testify about the half- billion dollar loan that was awarded to the solar energy company. he will be testifying november 17th before the house energy and commerce committee. that testimony will come two and a half months after the company laid off 1100 employees and filed for bankruptcy despite getting that government loan. republicans are expected to give him a hard time about the loan. however a spokesman says his testimony will highlight what the obama administration is doing to help the united states compete in clean energy. today marks a milestone in a construction of the new bay bridge. we are on treasure island this morning as crews are getting ready to finish the self- anchored suspension span. >> reporter: yes, this is a roadway, the final piece going into place today. a big milestone.
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now the span all lit up behind me. the lights, those are the cat walks that go up to this one tour that makes this a signature and unique bridge. it's got two cables that run through it. this one's going to have one. the milestone has to deal with the roadway. when they had to do is build something to put the roadway on and then later, they'll string the cable that will hold everything up. we pan over to the far left side and you can see a small section that is lit up. that is the last section that needs to go in to this roadway that will make up this span. the largest bridge of its kind anywhere in the world. 2,000 feet. and consider really an engineering marvel. they had to get the sections in place. there were 28 of them. 14 for the eastbound section, westbound section had another 14. the deck sections weigh
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anywhere from 599-tons to more than 1600-tons and it is no small feat getting everything done. they are going to take crews out this morning, not during the morning show, but in the midday because it's a really big section that goes in. the crane is in place and we will talk more about what this means for the project coming up here. ktvu channel 2 news. sal, does it make you want to get on the bridge now? you can't leave us. i'm going. see ya. no, it's going to be exciting to eventually drive on that bridge. good morning everyone. let's take a look at westbound 80. looks good. and as you dry out to the maze with no major issues, it's a nice looking drive. and remember, once you get to the bay bridge, no major delays coming in to san francisco. and this morning, if you are looking at that time south bay, off to a nice and quiet start on 280, 101 and the 85.
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and none of the road work is out there. so all the lanes are open. 5:07. steve. >> thank you. we have clear skies, calm condition, not much going on. any breeze at all, only sfo says southwest at 3 miles per hour. a cold morn, hazy and warm. the morning team, wasn't that hazy and warm. never mine. fridays, friday, looks good. dry for the weekend. probably some fog. moisture content going up a little bit. more of a westerly breeze. and a cooler pattern next week after halloween. and looks like rain returns by this time next week. we'll see. they were bullish on it for the weekend. and now moving it up. they being the forecast models. today well up into the north. well up and high pressure will be our friend. and friday into saturday looks good. maybe a few high clouds, chilly morning. 30s and 40s for many. mostly sunny. mid- to upper 70s into the weekend. high and dry, everything to the
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north. high clouds might come up, but 39 fairfield, one of the coolest. i've seen some 30s in the north bay. the 55 san francisco. and oakland 53. that's warmer by about three to five degrees. higher clouds, more central california or southern california for us. everything up towards vancouver, seattle and portland. not here. next week, maybe it will dip further south. calm conditions, not much in the way of breeze or anything. if anything, turning westerly. s. 70s, mid-70s. and temperatures should start to bump up with the weekend in view. it does look warmer. saturday and sun, and then halloween looks good. cooler into next week. >> all right. pam get your skis ready. >> i am. >> it's already ski season. the mountain resort this afternoon plans to open the ski lift, 3:00 this afternoon. depending on conditions out there. one resort manager tweeted the
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snow is getting groomed out. it should be ready. near record snow last season allowed some of the area resorts to keep their ski prayings open into july. >> groomed runs are my favorite. yes. could hillary clinton be a better bet for democrats in 2012? a new poll shows how clinton tax up against president barack obama and -- stacks up against president barack obama. also, was michael jackson addicted to drugs? the defense in the conrad murray case making that in the trial. good morning. northbound ask southbound 101, looking good. more about the morning commute and the weather. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive...
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welcome back. testimony in the dr. conrad murray trial will resume this morning in los angeles. the doctor took the witness stand yesterday and told the court that michael jackson was probably addicted to demoral and developing a tolerance. that is central to the defense's theory that he gave himself a fatal dose. >> based on my prior definition and what is known about his public behavior, and this course of treatment that he was
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probably addicted. >> the defense will wrap up its case today. closing arguments will follow before the case goes to the jury. our time right now 5:13. a new report that california would be hit the hardest by major defense cuts is being considered in washington. we're talking about thousands of jobs on the line. >> reporter: that's right. the association issued a report. it says 125,000 jobs in california would be lost and the local economy would take a major hit. now the special bipartisan committee here in washington, d.c. looking for ways to cut the deficit is deadlocked and. if there's no deal many the next weeks, automatic across the board cuts would kick in, including more than half a trillion dollars over ten years. the defense secretary calls it a doomsday mechanism. we talked to a top democrat who says our national security and the economy would be at risk.
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>> i think we have to listen to the secretary, the joint chiefs that, this is really going to weaken us when we have terrorists and other problems like korea and iran. >> a closer look at why california would be hit the hardest during the next update in about an hour. for now we're live in washington, d.c., ktvu channel 2 news. secretary of state hillary clinton allegedly performs better than president barack obama in a new match-up against the republican presidential candidates. the time magazine poll shows hillary clinton beating mitt romney by 17%. beating herman cane by 22%. and rick perry by 26%. this is in a hypothetical competition. in comparison, president barack obama leads romney by three points. both cane and perry by 12 in the same poll. secretary of state hillary clinton has repeatedly said she has no intention of running for
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president. a new analysis by the associated press fines that tense of thousands of former financial supporters of president barack obama in the 2008 campaign are holing back this time. a few have even given to republican candidates. it says the president's re- election campaign is not hurting for cash, but it has lost millions of dollars in support from former donors. fund raising for herman cane has more than doubled over the last month. cane's chief of staff says the campaign has raised more than $3 million since the beginning of october. the surge is with cane's big leap in the polls last month. cane is now the front runner, competing head to head with mitt romney in most national surveys. election day is less than two weeks away and the campaign money keeps pouring in for ed lee. it shows lee has raised nearly $1.25 million to hang on to his current job.
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that's nearly double for the supervisor. voters go to the promise -- to the polls a week from tuesday. cal train will not be offering train service between the san jose station and the santa claire station tomorrow and sunday. instead, there will a bus bridge in place for commuters. that will allow a new signal system to be installed. they say the new system will allow the trains to move faster in and out of the station. next tuesday marks the beginning of the winter spare the air season. that means on days when there's an alert issued, don't burn wood logs or other solid fuels. winter weather conditions can cause unheatlhy levels of soot to build in the air making it tougher to breathe. first time offenders will get a warning. however a second offense could lead to a $400 ticket. those who depend on wood fires as the main source of heat, you
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will get an exception. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> all right. and we are doing pretty well. not a lot going on which is nice. we like to keep it nice and quiet. let's go out and take a look at that time westbound bay bridge. no major issues getting into san francisco. as a matter of fact, even some of the road work coming out of san francisco has been picked up. interstate 880 here, traffic is moving along pretty well, driving north and southbound as you drive past the coliseum. and driving in walnut creek, our pittsburgh, that's a noise start there to the commute. 80 westbound looks good from richmond. >> thank you. very good morning on this friday. very quiet. calm conditions. everybody, can't find a degrees whatsoever. so we have lost the breeze. north wind yesterday helps a few locations into the mid- and
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upper 70s. and i don't see much of a change today or into the weekend. 39 fairfield. no breeze at all. 41 napa. although cooler than that. but 55 san francisco. san jose at 48 degrees. that's not far approximate away. about five degrees cooler. very quiet. high pressure is here into monday, tuesday. and then the pattern will change. by this time next week, i will be showing you rain totals. that's what it's looking like. today sunny and nice, haze in the atmosphere. quiet here, cold morning, calm conditions, 60s, 70s. 76 morgan hill, napa hill. maybe a few upper 70s warmer 70. it will be fine. and tuesday looks like cooling continues into november and see
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a pattern change. all european indecks are down. overnight, japan's nikkei jumped by almost 1.5 points. and south korea rose 1%. analysts say traders reacting positively to the european debt talks, the talks there. and u.s. gross domestic products which jumped 2.5%. first time the asian markets could react. our markets, a great day with the dow jones up 339 points to 12,208. the nasdaq and s&p 500 posting impressive gains. right now, the futures point to a lower opening. oil prices have edged down in asia after a hefty rally. crude oil for december delivery was down 83 cents at $93.13 by late afternoon. oil prices have soared yesterday after europe announced that plan to deal
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with greece's debt. the feds going after medicare fraud in northern california. how one man reportedly bought thousands of dollars of antipsychotic drugs before getting busted. ask the birthday gift for lady liberty to celebrate her 125th birthday. right now, richmond bridge, traffic looking good to and from. i'll let you know more about the morning commute and the weekend forecast.
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we'll end up with sunshine, temperatures similar to yesterday. a few upper 70s. 60s and 70s coast and bay. quite a different picture in the northeast. already seeing its first snow fall of the year. not far from boston. people had to sweep the snow off their cars before driving to work. look at the snow there. they say they're surprised to see a winner storm like this early in the season and more cold weather is expected tomorrow with up to 8 more inches of new snow. flood waters in thailand are forcing more than 100,000 people from their homes. people in bangkok took to thed radios that looked more like rivers this morning. the government is urging people to flee to the country side. the city is especially vulnerable because it's surrounded by rivers and canals, saturated by monsoon
5:25 am
rains. across the country, more than 370 people have died. investigators are telling us they're looking into a growing number of prescription medicare fraud cases in the bay area. look at this guy, they say he is the poster child for this increase. he is serving four years in prison for stealing identities to get prescriptions. investigators say he was able to buy them at a low rate by defrauding medicare and then selling them to organized crime rings. >> if you are out there committing health care fraud, we're going to find you, investigate you and prosecute you. >> now the department of justice reports 903 health care fraud prosecutions in the country during the first eight months of this year. that's up from 731 in all of last year. well people take aspirin to help prevent a heart attack or stroke. well it may reduce cancer risk in one group of high-risk
5:26 am
patients. that's the fining of a study that looked at people with an inherited condition that accounts for up to 5% of colon cancer cases. researchers say those who took daily aspirin for at least two years developed fewer cases of colon cases. the maker of aspirin did partially fund that study. lady liberty is celebrating 125 years. special events will take place today on liberty island to mark the occasion including tours and music. the actual statue will close today and stay closed for one year. crews are getting ready for a big project including the installation of cameras around the torch that will offer visitors views of the new york skyline. happy birthday. well injured giants fan brian stowe continues his recovery, but is he responsible
5:27 am
for his attack? parents at a elementary school are on alert. more on the seventh threat made to a school just this month. angry protesters confront oakland's mayor as she makes a late visit to the new occupy camp. good morning. westbound 237 looks good crossing the valley. more about the morning commute and the bay weather. state farm. this is jessica.
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good morning to you. welcome back. it is friday, october 28th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 5:29. let's check in with see the paulson for the forecast. clear skies, calm conditions. a little bit warmer toward oakland and san francisco, 50s. similar temperatures to yesterday which means upper 70s for some. yes, this may be one of those days where not really warmer or fairfield than too much than redwood city. a lot of 70s. 60s closer to the beaches. good morning. san mateo bridge, traffic looks good and getting to it which is usually the problem is looking good right now. no major problems this morning. if you are driving across the peninsula. san francisco northbound 101 traffic approaching the downtown area, that looks good the the 80 split.
5:31 am
back to dave and pam. well the number of protesters ignoring the overnight curfew in oakland is growing. several dozen are camped out this morning after a tense late night appearance by oakland's mayor. >> not well received. the mayor planned to address the hundreds of people gathered outside, but the protesters booed the mayor even before she got a chance to speaking. she then turned around and returned to her office. >> the mayor has come under attack from all sides. protesters blame her for the police raid tuesday night. others have criticized her for allowing the protesters to set up camp again. the mayor issued this written statement, after returning to her city hall office last night. now the mayor says, i am deeply saddened about the outcome on tuesday. it was not what anyone hoped for. ultimately, it was my responsibility and i apologize
5:32 am
for what happened. will michael moore says he will join the occupy oakland protesters yesterday. one message says, occupy oakland i am saddened and angry by your treatment by the police. in a second tweet michael moore said, i send greetings in solidarity to oakland. well the union that represents new york police threatened to take action against protesters who injure police officers. on wednesday, hundreds of protesters march from their encampment to city hall showing solidarity with their counterparts here in oakland. the president of the union representing 5,000 police officers says he would sue the post at thes responsible for inciting violence. the. he referenced the events in oakland when he made the comments. well students and parents can expect extra security at a
5:33 am
pleasant hill school today. someone made a violent threat against the elementary school. this is the latest in a series of school threats made in the county. >> reporter: well, pam school doesn't start here for another three hours. but parents were told they could expect to see increased security here today. and that's because of a threatening letter sent to this school. we don't exactly what that threat was. we are waiting to talk to police, the investigative unit to see if they can release more information on it. but we know that police are talk about the threat at this school. and this is the reason why. according to the police, three different schools in that city also received threatening letters this week, making what they described as graphic threats to children. now altogether, there has been several threats made this month to schools in the county. this month, someone sent a threatening fax to concord high
5:34 am
school warning people that someone would be shot at that school. thankfully, that threat never materialized. but a week later, someone sent a threatening email to the high school. that same week, a fifth grader 9 at an elementary school received a threatening drawing. here at the elementary school, the threat came by mail. again, we don't know exactly what that threat was, but parents have been warned that there will be extra security today. ktvu channel 2 news. well the college is on edge this morning. a student says she was assaulted by a man in a campus parking garage. take a look at this sketch of the suspect. he is described as white, about 5-foot 4 inches tall with extremely blond hair. he was wearing a green sweater with white lettering and blue genips 44 he talked with a russian accent. now an unidentified 19-year-old
5:35 am
woman told thoracics she was choked unconscious about 8:30 yesterday morning. she said he asked to help find his car and in the garage, he asked her for a hug. police say she said, no and then the man grabbed her, caused her to pass out. students we talked to were surprised to hear this, but say they'll be on alert. >> that's why i have like people that walk me to my car at night. because i get freaked out. >> now the victim says she woke up to find people standing over here. but the attacker was gone. authorities aren't saying which of the two parking garages the assault occurred in. police are going to try something new in their fight against prostitution. the police department plans to send dear john letters to people suspected of soliciting prostitutes. officers will track down people by vehicle license plates. but first, they're trying to
5:36 am
get as much information as possible before they send out the letters. an attorney for the los angeles dodgers is hinting that the injured giants fan brian stowe might be somewhat responsible for his attack. the attorney made the suggestion yesterday to espn los angeles say, it takes two to tan go. the family attorney immediately responded. he tells the chronicle that the family has witnesses who saw the suspects throeing beer at people and yelling obscenities before the attack. people will head out on the town tonight and some might decide to drink. hopefully not drive. if you do get caught though, are those field sobriety tests giving you a fair chance? the question surrounding the test and how the highway patrol is responding. well construction on the new bay bridge is moving right along. we are live in oakland to tell us about the major milestone
5:37 am
that will be marked in just a couple hours. >> reporter: we moved over to the project headquarters to talk about this milestone today. i want to show you a picture of the span this morning. beautiful shot, you can see it all lit up out there when this milestone goes into place this morning, it will actually be a very big engineering feat. and to talk about the details of what is going into today, we moved over to the project headquarters to talk to the project spokesperson because some is very complicated. now we are standing over here. it's 14w. the it's most complicated part of this bridge. can you explain what's happening today. >> without a doubt, this is the 28th of 28 pieces we have to put in for the new bridge, but it's the key piece. the piece where the cable comes in and locks into the bridge. it's self-anchored and that means the cable doesn't go into the ground. it goes into this piece actually.
5:38 am
>> when people look at it and they see it lit up, they are looking at the cat walks lit up and there's no cable and that's why some is confusing more people to understand how major of a milestone this is. that's right. and also that this process is reversed, what happened with the golden gate bridge, we have to put the deck in before we can put the cable system in. once this piece is in today, we begin starting to get ready to put the cable in strand by strand. >> reporter: i guess that's the next question, what's next? and on schedule? >> yeah, we're right on schedule for opening in late 2013. the next thing that we have to do are secure these pieces, get the joints in place on either side. and then late this year, we should be getting pulling the first parts of the cable. >> reporter: all right. sounds good. live here in oakland,.
5:39 am
let's check in with sal. it was nice, you can see the lights, starting to look pretty over there. >> that's right. i think the old bay bridge is getting answer, there. it's getting big. grew so fast. >> yeah. >> good morning. let's take a look at the commute now. highway 4. westbound, looks good. there is already some stop and go traffic athrong stretch at bay point. also this morning, we're looking at the bay bridge approaching westbound. there's a small delay, but nothing major. and the leagues don't go on -- lights don't go on until 6:15. westbound 80 traffic looks good driving through richmond. if you are driving to that area, no major problems there. let's move the maps to the union city and fremont area. that traffic is nice, westbound 92 looks good. the bridge traffic is looking nice over to 101. 5:39.
5:40 am
steve. >> thank you. we do have quiet conditions. calm, cold for some, high pressure is the fair weather friend. after that, it wants to pack its bags, maybe a change in the pattern into november. but right now, everything is just holing on here. friday into saturday looks similar. dry pattern, chilly mornings, mostly sunny, mild to warm. it will be sunny today. hazy skies without the wind. and a little system clipping the northern part of the state. no big deal. some fog looks like it wants to work its way back. and maybe over the weekend, patchy fog. the lows are up a little bit. moisture is up a little bit. temperatures plunged yesterday. 50s oakland and san francisco. san jose in the 40s. so fair field, the only 30 i ly 30 i can find.
5:41 am
the high today 70. similar to the last couple of days. 60s by the coast. a hint of a breeze, but not a big deal. higher clouds down many the south west taking aim many nor southern and central california. won't matter, won't stop highs if the mid- to upper 70s for a few. sunny, hazy, nice, mild, warm, cold mornings though. winter park 77. napa in there as well. kentfield at 75. 75 walnut creek. and one of those patterns where concord and walnut creek will be warmer than brentwood. berkeley 72 degrees. 78 in morgan hill. san jose at 76. redwood city 75. san mateo, 70s. and 60s on the coast, including half moon bay. warmer on saturday, but overall, looks quiet. sunday about the same. cooler on tuesday and
5:42 am
wednesday. >> all right. you didn't stay up for the big game. >> i didn't. >> well the world series for the first time in nine years is going to a game seven. >> in the air to right center. this game is tied. >> yeah, those cardinals down to the last strike in two different innings battled back. how this game came to a thrilling end. you have made me close my business because after your threats and your violence and our anger. >> the occupy movement, many store owners say they've had enough. westbound 80 traffic looks good, getting out to the maze, more about the morning commute. verizon 4g lte.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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welcome back. extra police will be on duty at the elementary school in pleasant hill today. someone made a threat against the school. we don't moe the nature of the threat, but parents have been notified. three different schools also received threats this week. well today marked the new milestone in the construction of the new bay bridge. at 10:00 this morning, crus will lay down the final section of the deck for the new eastern span. the bridge is scheduled to open in 2013. and last night, the oakland mayor planned to speaking to hundreds of occupy protesters outside city hall. but they jeered and booed the mayor before she got a chance to speaking. the mayor then issued a written statement apologizing for this week's violent confrontation between police and the occupy protesters. it appears more and more
5:46 am
u.s. store owners are getting fed up with the occupy movement. one woman in san diego is blaming the protesters for putting her out of business. the coffee shop owner says she originally supported the protesters, but not anymore. she had these angry words shortly after closing her doors. >> you have made me close my business because of your threats and violence and anger. you never supported us. every morning was threatened and i could not come to my place of work. and my family and i are out of business. >> the coffee shop owner says the protesters have scared most customers away and she says their camp is a filthy hazard to public health. in chicago, there are calls for a major change in how police handled marijuana cases. city officials are proposing that people caught with ten grams or less would get a $200 ticket up to ten hours of community service instead of six months in jail and a $1,500
5:47 am
fine. supporters say it will raise revenue and free up police to chase more serious criminals. opponents say if it's treated like a traffic ticket, drug use could go up. for anyone planning to drink and drive, you could get pulled over, you know that. but some say the police field sobriety tests are flawed and outdated. >> the tests actually carry with them a warning that if people are older or overweight, their validity goes out the window. >> and now the attorney argues the tests don't tell an officer whether someone has alcohol in their system. it includes the walking test, a standing test and an eye tracking test. >> 16,000, 17,000, 18,000 -- whoa. i couldn't get to 20. >> and you're sober. >> sober. >> most people when they're sober can't pass the test, but will ask a series of questions
5:48 am
to see if they have any medical issues, if they have any physical impairments. >> now the chp calls the test effective in screening impaired drivers. there will be a game seven of the world series after a tremendous fantastic finish in game six. >> we will see you tomorrow night. >> yes, you will. that 11th inning home run capped off a wild game. the cardinals rallied from a two-run deficit manith and 10th innings and ended upbeating the rangers 10-9. >> just kept at them. and that defines our team. that game, the way we kept coming back. >> the rangers had built a lead, but the cardinals mounted
5:49 am
the first of several come backs. you can watch game seven right here on ktvu channel 2. the coverage begins at 4:30. it will be followed by a special newscast at 4:00. preceded. you know what i meant. >> yes. i'm sure sal has been dreaming. as a kid, imagined standing at the plate with the world series on the line. >> naming streets after him. >> i think so. >> and game seven is tonight right here. coverage starts at 4:30. and the game itself starts at 5:00. take a look on 880 north and southbound. the traffic here is looking good in front of the coliseum. northbound and southbound traffic nice and light. 580 doing well all the way to the curve and beyond. this morning's commute at the toll plaza looks good into san francisco. all the exits in the city looking good. 101 when you get there is
5:50 am
light. this morning's commute, union city and fremont, not seeing a lot of activity here. let's move the maps up. even here, we don't see slow traffic yet anyway. we will see what happens. but the traffic is off to a decent start. steve. >> thank you, sir. happy friday everybody. and very quiet pattern. if you enjoyed yesterday, you will like today and probably the weekend as well. mornings are cold, hazy, mild to warm. maybe a little fog, but temperatures similar to what we've had the last couple of days. cooler after halloween. and by this time next week, discussing rain, but not today or tomorrow. high pressure continues to hang out. not that strong, but it's there. a little bit of fog trying to get its act back together. and that will start to play back into the forecast. nothing extensive. we will have a lot of mid- and upper 70s on the high temperatures. 30s and 40s, more moisture compared to yesterday when it was really dry and 30s and 40s.
5:51 am
and 50s showing up. mountain view and san francisco, mid-40s. san jose down to 48 yesterday. the city forecast will start off at 5 4 . 64 and then a high of 7 0 degrees. high clouds drifting in. but the jet stream stays to the north. at least for the next five days. the higher clouds up from the southwest. no big deal. but high pressure says, i'll hang out and it will. probably through monday. sunny, nice, hazy, losing the breeze. in fact i can't find any at all. 75 fairfield. richmond in there. napa at 77 degrees. mid-70s walnut creek. oakland, 70s. brentwood 75. it's been running cooler out towards east than other areas. 78 morgan hill.
5:52 am
santa cruz 78. 70 in the city. with daily city checking in at 64. warmer over the weekend, a few high clouds, but highs bump up a few degrees. monday, it will be dry, cooler. and then the cooler starts into november. all right. thank you. hps's pc business is not going anywhere. the company announced it will keep the pc division after considering spinning off or selling the unit. the division provides a hid of the company's revenue, but it is the least profitable unit. begin the loss revenue and the cost, removing the business makes no sense. yesterday the federal communications commission voted to allocate $4.5 billion from a fund for phone service to a new one used to extend broad band
5:53 am
networks, particularly into low- income communities. netflix may be losing customers due to missteps, but people still using the service are streaming more tv shows and movies other the internet. it accounts for 32.7% of peak internet traffic in north america. now the report analyzed about 200 internet service providers in 80 different countries. halloween just a couple i days away. where bay area cities rank among the list of top halloween cities. plus, a hang-up over san francisco's new cellphone law. how a new court ruling may affect you. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
5:54 am
5:55 am
the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
5:56 am
the city of san francisco will appeal a federal judge's ruling that struck down most of the city's new cellphone law. yesterday the judge ruled the ordnance requiring cellphone dealers to warn customers of about possible radiation danger goes too far. he ordered the city to stop requiring cellphone stores to post warnings on their wall it was judge said the warnings are untrue and misleading. well if you are looking for the country's best places to go trick-or-treating, you have two options here in the bay area.
5:57 am
san francisco was named the best city for the halloween tradition. san jose ranked sixth. now the list was compiled by a real estate website. and it is based on home value index, population density and where trick-or-treating requires the least walking, especially through rough neighbors. they didn't account for how much candy and how many people are actually home sal. when you go. a lot of apartments. >> and they didn't check pam's house. >> funny you should mention that because our neighbors always say get candy you like because you might have to eat it yourself. >> yeah. >> i'm getting butter finger. toward the commute now, traffic is moving well, up to highway 880. no major problems. and this morning's commute on 680 southbound looks good headed to the south bay. in the next hour as traffic begins to get busier, we will check with the bay bridge toll
5:58 am
plaza. and yet another bay area school responding to a threat of violence. what the target of the latest threat ask how police are spontaneousing to a disturbing trend. skies are clear and warming up and cooling off. [ beep ] [ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables. and it's got tender white-meat chicken... the way i always made it for you. oh, one more thing honey...
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those pj's you like, the ones with the feet, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.


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